IAF EME Regional Conference 2019
May 2 – 4 – Milan, Italy


Simplicity is to maximize the amount of work not done

We value individuals and interactions over processes and tools.


Agile movement has changed the way people work together in software industry and has become one of the new paradigms of teamwork and project management. Agile approach is extensively based on facilitative leadership and facilitation, and people working in agile have developed their own facilitation tools and techniques. The IAF Europe and Middle East 2019 regional conference will explore the relationship between Agile and Facilitation.

  • What is the role of facilitation into the Agile movement?
  • What are the facilitation techniques and tools that have been most successfully applied from Agilists?
  • Is there any facilitation technique developed by Agilists that has been used by facilitators in other industries and sectors?

We invite you to share knowledge and experience through a workshop around this theme.


You can register on IAF global website.